Bandite trail area


Bandite di scarlino trail area

The Bandite trail area is located on  the Tuscan coast near the tourist port of Punta Ala, between Castiglione Della Pescaia and Follonica. The trail area is part of a natural reserve area. The trails were formed when pack horses continually passed over the ground as they carried charcoal, this was extensively produced in the surrounding woodland. These trails often follow the natural contours of the land, they now make perfect mountain bike trails.

The trails have been cleaned and maintained by the local forestry service and mountain bikers from the area. They are used for professional enduro competitions at certain times of the year.

The trails are accessed from many of the gravel forest roads that pass over the terrain. When riding the trails for the first time it is advisable to get a local guide to show you the trails. Their knowledge and experience means that after the first ride it is possible to ride the best trails on your own without wasting time.

The Bandite trail area also has a number of After Ride, and other Services provided.

Below it is possible to find information on the trails and tours possible in the area and details about the trails including short videos. The most popular trails are shown first, with search categories provided that can give an idea of the types of conditions that can be found on the trails.